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Stunningly renovated 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom condo located in the highly sought after Art Museum area with a carefully planned kitchen with gas cook-top, corian counters, glass back splash, wall ovens and an abundance of cabinet space for all of your culinary essentials! Just ...
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Art Museum Area

WALKSCORE: 89 out of 100 -Very Walkable

The Deal:
This neighborhood runs the archietecture gambit from Federal Homes to Victorians, to Contemporary Masterpieces. They are located on large avenues and tiny tree-lined side streets. Many of the large brownstones have been converted to apartments and condos. Sale prices are generally significantly less than in the main section of Center City.

The Feel:
Old Timers and newly expanding families mix to give this lively neighborhood real character.

The Art Museum area or Fairmount is a neighborhood of homes and businesses enjoying a resurgence of interest and investment. Its gateway is the Ben Franklin Parkway, which is the American version of the Champs Elysees and Philadelphia's cultural hub. World-renown institutes like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Rodin Museum and The Franklin Institute, among others, are situated on the Parkway. As other Center City neighborhoods have become more expensive, attention has turned to Fairmount because of its location and proximity to the museum district and several other high profile destinations in the city including: Boat House Row, the Philadelphia Zoo and the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, the regions only non-profit outdoor cultural arts center. "Fairmount" derives from the massive hill on which the Art Museum now sits, resulting in most people referring to the area as the "Art Museum Area". The Boundaries of Fairmount shift at times, but are roughly between Spring Garden to Girard Avenue, the Schuylkill River to 19th Street.

Fairmount Park encompasses over 8,900 acres and 100 miles of trails. It is the world's largest landscaped urban park. It contains colonial mansions, historic landmarks, The Children's Museum, The Philadelphia Zoo and the Victorian Structures that compose the world-famous Boat House Row.

The area has enjoyed an influx of many new residents and families over the past few years. This growth has brought with it many new restaurants, bistros and bars. The neighborhood also caters to the health conscious individual with a Whole Foods Grocer and a full service Health Club in the heart of it.

Starting in 2001 the Fairmount Civic Association began to create a long-term strategy for the area, highlighted by high profile events such as the worldwide live broadcast of Live 8 in 2006. This was a catalyst for several million dollars of State funds earmarked for improvements to the Parkway, for the area to continue to be a gateway for more events in the area. Additionally, the summer always heralds in many festivals that include the nationally broadcasted Independence Day festivities.

Location does not even begin to describe the multitude of amenities available in the area with a wide range of housing options and Victorian to modern architecture, this neighborhood caters to any lifestyle desiring a vibrant neighborhood. In many ways, it is like a small town in a big city.

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